🗼 Elon Musk announces Robotaxi launch

Here's a glimpse of the future with Musk's Robotaxi, Meta's open source AI, and cutting-edge AI systems.

Big news in tech and AI this week — Elon Musk announces Tesla's Robotaxi, setting a new course in AI-driven transport. Meta counters with its Llama 3 AI, challenging current AI models. Meanwhile, Archetype AI unveils Newton, merging sensor data with AI, and Anthropic upgrades Claude 3 for enhanced problem-solving. Exciting developments are reshaping our digital landscape!


Elon Musk's latest announcement to unveil Tesla's autonomous Robotaxi on August 8th shifts the company's focus towards advanced AI-driven transport solutions, possibly signaling a strategic move away from expanding into more budget-friendly electric vehicles. This pivot could indicate Tesla's intention to lead in the high-tech mobility sector, potentially reshaping urban transportation. (Link)

Meta's launch of the Llama 3 AI series signals a strategic comeback in the open-source AI arena. Outdoing its predecessor, Llama 2, and competing with rising stars like Mistral, Llama 3 targets to set a new benchmark. This move taps the growing demand for transparent, user-controlled AI, challenging closed models like GPT-4 and Claude. It's a pivotal moment for Meta, aiming to become the go-to choice for open-source AI users valuing data transparency and autonomy. (Link)

Archetype AI's launch of Newton, a groundbreaking 'physical AI' system, marks a significant leap in AI capabilities. Unlike its predecessors, this model harnesses a vast array of sensor data, merging the physical and digital realms. Newton steps beyond traditional AI's scope by interpreting input from sensors like radars and thermometers and integrating it with natural language, potentially revolutionizing how we understand and interact with our environment. (Link)

Anthropic enhances Claude 3 AI with external tool support, a game-changer in AI efficiency and versatility. The AI model transforms into a more comprehensive problem-solving assistant by allowing Claude to access external resources like documents and calculators, and coordinate multiple sub-agents. This advancement, supported by clear JSON tool descriptions, not only improves Claude's functionality but also makes its thought process transparent, offering valuable insights into AI decision-making and simplifying troubleshooting. (Link)


Kopia AI’s innovative approach to online shopping is transforming the way we buy clothes. 

Instead of relying on generic models, you become the centerpiece of your shopping journey. Imagine viewing clothes on a virtual version of yourself, ensuring a perfect fit and style match. This level of personalization, powered by generative AI, is not just a leap in convenience; it's a paradigm shift in e-commerce, making the experience uniquely tailored to each individual.


Doc Maker GPT specializes in creating professional documents, presentations, and spreadsheets.

Whether you need a detailed report, an engaging PowerPoint presentation, or a comprehensive spreadsheet, Doc Maker GPT can assist you in crafting these. You’ll only need to provide the topic, the format (like PDF, DOCX, PPTX, XLSX, CSV), and any specific details or preferences you have in mind.

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