🗼This week in AI: Apple Ditches Cars for AI Focus

AI Revolutionizes Healthcare and Coding, While Advancements in Energy and Customer Service Highlight AI's Industry-Wide Impact.

The AI revolution is transforming healthcare, technology, and energy, with advancements from AI-designed drugs to the obsolescence of traditional coding. Innovations like Princeton's AI energy breakthrough, Apple's shift towards AI, and Klarna's AI-driven customer service exemplify the transformative impact of AI across sectors. These developments reflect a future reimagined through the lens of AI's potential to revolutionize industries and ethical considerations.


Google DeepMind CEO Demis Hassabis predicts AI-designed prescription drugs will be in clinical trials within the next few years. This innovative step aims to enhance healthcare by accelerating drug discovery and ensuring personalized care. However, experts caution against potential biases if AI models aren't trained on diverse data sets. This development could significantly impact the treatment of diseases like Alzheimer's or cancer, marking a pivotal moment in medical research and AI integration. (Link)

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang believes humans will no longer need to know how to code in the future, with AI replacing programming languages via human prompts. At the World Government Summit, he suggested focusing on sectors like biology and manufacturing instead. Huang highlighted AI's potential to render traditional coding obsolete, advocating for a future where "everyone is a programmer" through intuitive AI interfaces. He emphasized the importance of upskilling in AI programming to stay relevant in the evolving tech landscape. (Link)

Princeton researchers claim AI breakthrough to generate boundless energy, developing an AI model that prevents instabilities in fusion reactors. Their solution focuses on maintaining stability within tokamak reactors, addressing one of fusion energy's significant challenges. This advancement could pave the way for achieving practical, clean fusion energy by preventing disruptions before they occur, marking a substantial step toward boundless clean energy.(Link)

Apple kills electric car plans to focus on AI efforts, after a decade-long endeavor, reallocating nearly 2,000 employees to generative AI projects. The move, surprising staff and shifting the industry focus, comes amid cooling EV market growth. Apple's strategic pivot towards AI underlines the tech giant's adaptation to emerging technological landscapes and market demands. (Link)

Tim Cook: Apple to ‘Break New Ground in Generative AI’ Later This Year, with plans to unveil transformative AI-driven productivity and problem-solving tools. Amid significant investment in AI, Apple shifts focus from its electric car project to generative AI development. Shareholders reject AFL-CIO's proposal for an AI transparency report, citing competitive secrecy in AI advancement. (Link)

AI replaces 700 customer service reps, with Klarna's AI assistant handling two-thirds of customer service chats in its first month. Achieving equivalent customer satisfaction to humans, it streamlines errands, reducing resolution time and boosting efficiency across 23 markets. This integration into Klarna's app heralds a new era of AI-powered financial assistance, promising significant profitability and consumer benefits.(Link)


Openmart streamlines SMB sales opportunity discovery, offering custom restaurant and retail leads without manual research. Explore Openmart and similar AI tools for writing, chatbots, and content creation, including Longshot, Writesonic, and Jasper, all designed to enhance productivity and creativity.

Auxuman transforms your ideas into games through text, image, or video inputs, offering both free and paid options.

Serif offers tools for creating and updating external knowledge bases by monitoring product changes and support interactions, with both free and paid plans available.


Reply.io is an AI-powered sales automation platform present in the market that supports sales and marketing teams. It allows you to engage with potential prospects through cold emails, SMS, cold calls, Whatsapp, and more to help them land meetings with prospects who might be interested in your product/service.

With the Ramp-Up mode for email accounts, you can push your email accounts' deliverability to the next level, and safely reach hundreds of emails sent per day instead of dozens, without any manual work involved.

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  2. Scroll down to the Safety settings drop-down and open it.

  3. Toggle on the Daily Ramp-Up sub-section.

  4. Set the Starting amount within the allowed 40-60 range, and the Ramp-Up value within the 10-25 range.

    • Starting amount is the number of emails that will be sent on day 1.

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  5. Click Save. You're all set!

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Jess Whittlestone

Head of AI Policy, Centre for Long-Term Resilience

She critically navigates the multifaceted environment of AI's societal consequences and governance while being independent of industry biases. With a strong academic background in mathematics, philosophy, and behavioral science, this specialist is dedicated to improving society decision-making in AI policy. Their efforts include providing strategic AI advice to UK government officials, as well as advocating for serious responsibility and supervision of tech corporations beyond voluntary promises. This role entails balancing the debate between AI's immediate harms and its future existential hazards, pushing for an ethical and scrutinized approach to AI research.

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Synthetic data

Synthetic data is data generated by a computer to replace real-world data. Why would this be done? To protect sensitive data, reduce bias, and enhance AI models.Synthetic data also facilitates the testing and development of new algorithms or models in a controlled environment, allowing for innovation without compromising privacy or data integrity.


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