🗼 Amazon Q sparks AI competition

Also, Legal Battle with OpenAI, Google's Med-Gemini, and EU Encryption Law.

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Balancing the 'Software' and 'Hardware' of Change: Effective change management requires balancing the cultural and communicative aspects ('software') of a company with its structural and procedural elements ('hardware') like contracts and OKRs.

— James Hurst, formerly Google's Head of Brand Design and Pinterest's Global Creative Director.

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In today's lineup:

  • Amazon sparks AI race with Amazon Q.

  • Legal battle: 8 newspapers sue OpenAI, Microsoft.

  • Google’s Med-Gemini hits 91.1% diagnostic accuracy.

  • EU encryption law raises privacy alarms.

  • Spellar redefines AI speech assistance.


Photo by Noah Berger / Getty Images for Amazon Web Services

Amazon announced Tuesday its artificial intelligence assistant Amazon Q for businesses and developers is generally available in the U.S. for AWS enterprise customers, in a move that could help the e-commerce giant better compete with its big tech peers amid the AI boom.

Quick takes:

  • Competitive Edge: Amazon Q bolsters Amazon's stance against tech leaders like Microsoft and Google in the AI landscape.

  • Tailored Tools: Amazon Q offers customizable enterprise solutions and developer-specific coding functionalities.

  • Strategic Expansion: Amazon Q's release is a strategic move to capture a larger share of the booming AI market.

The suit, which accuses the tech companies of copyright infringement, adds to the fight over the online data used to power artificial intelligence.

Med-Gemini revolutionizes medical AI with top-tier performance across diverse benchmarks, showcasing its prowess in complex diagnostics and multimodal interactions.

The EU faces criticism for lack of transparency in drafting encryption laws aimed at scanning for CSAM, raising alarms over privacy and democratic rights.


Spellar is a sophisticated AI-driven speaking assistant designed to enhance your speaking skills and increase productivity. Whether you’re practicing for a presentation or participating in meetings, Spellar offers personalized feedback to improve your communication effectiveness.

Here's what makes Spellar unique:

  • Seamless Integration: Works with Jira, Notion, Slack, and more for streamlined workflow and collaboration.

  • Advanced Meeting Summaries: Automatically generates detailed notes with key points and tasks.

  • English Enhancement: Offers tailored exercises and feedback to improve your pronunciation and vocabulary.

  • Privacy First: Ensures your data is secure and private, integrating seamlessly without being intrusive.


Key-shot Learning

K-shot learning is a machine learning approach where models are trained with only "k" labeled examples per class, typically between 1 and 5. This method is part of the few-shot learning field, designed to help models generalize from minimal data. Techniques such as metric learning, meta-learning, and transfer learning are crucial for its success. K-shot learning is especially valuable in fields like medical diagnosis and robotics, where data can be scarce.


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