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Also, Automotive Giants Adopt AI, The First AI-created Gene Editor, and AI's Risk in Extremism.

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Recognize innovation as a continuous, long-term effort rather than a one-off event. This mindset shift is crucial for sustaining meaningful impact through technological advancements.

— Kendra Cook, Partner at SYPartners

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In today's lineup:

  • Microsoft unveils a mini AI model.

  • Automotive giants adopt AI for self-driving advancements.

  • Profluent launches the first AI-created, open-source gene editor.

  • Australian intelligence highlights AI's risk in extremism.

  • Respell enhances business operations with AI automation.


Microsoft's Phi-3 introduces groundbreaking small language models, enhancing AI accessibility and efficiency, while adhering to the highest ethical standards of AI development.

Quick takes:

  • Resource Efficiency: Suitable for limited-resource environments.

  • Quick Responses: Optimized for fast response needs.

  • Cost-Effective: Ideal for simpler, budget-conscious tasks.

Major automotive companies are rapidly adopting transformative AI to advance the capabilities of self-driving cars, pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation.

Profluent introduces the first AI-designed, open-source gene editor, OpenCRISPR-1, marking a significant advance in precision human genome editing and aiming to democratize access to CRISPR technology for wider research and therapeutic use.

Australia's intelligence chief warns that AI could dramatically enhance the capabilities of extremists, highlighting the dual nature of AI as both an opportunity and a threat.


Respell is a robust AI automation platform designed to streamline various business operations, including sales, marketing, product development, and recruiting. It enables users to create custom workflows using AI, which can automate emails, manage leads, and generate content.

Here's what makes Respell stand out:

  1. All-In-One Platform: Integrates AI models, triggers, and apps into customizable workflows.

  2. Easy Setup: Quickly start with templates or from scratch to build complex workflows.

  3. Automate Tasks: AI agents conduct research, interact in natural language, and more.

  4. Autopilot Workflows: Automate processes using triggers from apps or set schedules.


Few-shot Learning

Few-shot learning is an advanced technique in machine learning that enables a model to effectively learn and make accurate predictions from a very limited amount of data—typically only a handful of examples. This approach is especially valuable in scenarios where data is scarce or difficult to collect.


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